Service design capabilities - What should a service designer be used for?

Nicola Morelli, Aalborg universitet

Experio Lab is inviting to the Experio Seminars. Once a month we’ll invite interesting researchers to talk about service design, service logic and user-driven services in public sector.

The October Seminar will be led by Nicola Morelli is Professor at Aalborg University in Denmark.

Defining the service designers’ expert knowledge means describing their capabilities, the capabilities service designers are expected to “sell” to their clients, and the capabilities to navigate among the different aspects of their profession. This presentation focuses on the concept of service as an interaction for value creation. In this perspective value is co-created by the service customer during the time in which the customer is interacting with the service (and with other actors around her). What is the role of service designers in this perspective? What capabilities are needed?

Recording from October 15th

Nicola Morelli, Professor at Aalborg University