About us

As part of the County Council, we involve staff, patients and families in developing healthcare services that create value in people’s everyday lives. Design is our tool and approach.

Our mission is to be a platform for learning and exploration that supports health care to rise to the challenges and needs for transformation.

 What we do

Experio Lab initiates and runs projects as well as builds capacity for innovation in collaboration with health care operations, with a focus on the patient’s journey through the health care system. We equip health professionals with design tools to continuously involve patients in developing the daily operations.

We are finding new ways of designing health care services by combining the experiences  of patients and staff. Our goal is to contribute to the development of health services that are perceived as valuable by patients.

Our history

Experio Lab began as a project focused on patient-oriented service innovation which ran from 2013 to 2016.  The project was funded by Vinnova and the mission was to develop a platform for innovation, research and development, where health care meets service design.

The project was led by the County Council of Värmland and implemented in close cooperation with the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (SP), with support from the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) and the Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad University.

In a short time, Experio Lab was established as an actor with knowledge and experience of how to integrate the patient as a resource in the development of health care. Experio Lab became a model for service innovation and patient involvement and a popular partner in research projects, both nationally and internationally.

By involving users and creating a forum for user-driven development and innovation, we have been able to contribute to both culture change and new approaches within the daily activities of health care.

In just over three years Experio Lab has carried out over 20 projects together with health care professionals and patients. Some tangible results include: reduced contamination by improving hand hygiene, fewer errors in the sampling of tissue in the preanalytical phase and better access to health care for young people with mental illness.


The County Council of Värmland has had the courage to invest in a quite unexplored area, to use service design and user involvement as a tool to develop health care services. The initiative is called Experio Lab.

Since January 1, 2017 Experio Lab is a permanent unit of the County Council of Värmland. The goal is to collaborate with other county councils, regions and other actors to support and create conditions for a user-driven development of health care.

Experio Lab collaborates with the county councils of Västernorrland and Sörmland. Discussions are underway on cooperation with county councils and regions in Stockholm, Kalmar, Västra Götaland and Skåne. The goal is to develop embedded labs in the operational context of the county councils and regions.

The County Council of Värmland with Experio Lab has been commissioned to help coordinate the embedded labs, to share expertise, resources and a common mission to build new knowledge together.

Research, development and innovation

Service design is an increasingly important skill to renew society’s welfare services. The County Council of Värmland participates through Experio Lab in national and international networks and collaborates with researchers in service design and service innovation.  Through this we contribute in development and innovation in areas where design meets healthcare. Currently, about 10 graduate students and researchers from various universities and fields of knowledge are related to Experio Lab.

One example is the EU-funded PhD project SDIN (Service Design for Innovation) which aims to build a research platform in the field service design and service innovation through a European network of nine graduate students attached to various universities in Europe.

Another example is the EU project Open4Citizens which aims to develop service innovation in the interaction between citizens, professionals in health care and businesses.

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