The online service Hurmå

Support for people to express how they are feeling and get in contact with healthcare services.


The online service hurmå is the result of a collaboration between Första linjen unga in the Karlstad area and Experio Lab, which started in the spring of 2015 and went on until the end of 2016. A design team of service designers and healthcare staff conducted a joint research effort to identify young people’s needs and behaviours. The analysis clearly pointed to the need for early, preventative efforts to increase knowledge about mental illness and to make it easier to seek help.
As work progressed, the picture became increasingly clear – that healthcare services need to meet young people in new ways and take advantage of the fact that they are ‘digital natives’. The points of contact offered by healthcare services such as telephone, e-mail or drop-in visits have proven to be high thresholds for young people today.


Hurmå is a new online service that will help young people to understand and express their feelings and easily be able to contact healthcare services in a way that feels safe and convenient to them. Here you will find a short video describing the online service.

In March 2017, the County Council Management decided to run hurmå as a pilot project. The goal is for the service to be used in all the activities of Första linjen in Värmland and at the counselling centres for young people in Karlstad.


The online service hurmå (howareyou) has been developed at the County Council of Värmland, a collaboration between Första linjen unga in the Karlstad area, a group of young people and Experio Lab.
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Olga Sabirova Höjerström
Olga Sabirova Höjerström
Service Designer