SAM – Samverka Agera Motivera (Collaborate Act Motivate)

- an initiative that aims to prevent mental illness among young people


Since 2006, Region Norrbotten has conducted surveys to look at schoolchildren’s health and lifestyle habits in Norrbotten. The results are worrying, not just in Norrbotten but the entire country. They show that girls from year four in the Swedish school system to upper secondary school are feeling worse for each year that passes. And there is a large difference between girls and boys. The number of suicides among young people is also increasing gradually and according to a national report, young transgendered people are particularly vulnerable. The increase in mental illness among young men but also suicide occur mainly among those who have never been in contact with healthcare services.


SAM wants to ensure that every young person, regardless of circumstances, is seen as valuable.

SAM wants to:

  • Increase knowledge about what can be done to prevent mental illness
  • Encourage greater collaboration between more actors who interact with children and young people, and promote a holistic approach
  • Break the silence regarding mental illness and encourage new ways of working


  1. To reduce the number of students in the first year of upper secondary school who in the past three months have often or always felt sad or down.
  2. To reduce the number of suicides among young people.
  3. To implement a zero-tolerance vision for suicides in Norrbotten.
  4. To create a well-functioning collaboration with a clear division of responsibility between Region Norrbotten, the municipalities of Norrbotten, the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten and other actors to promote mental health among young people in Norrbotten.



SAM aims to promote good health and prevent mental illness among children and young people in Norrbotten. SAM is a method aiming to create greater understanding, competence and collaboration regarding the mental health of children and young people.
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