Region Västernorrland

In Region Västernorrland, a decision was made in 2017 to promote user-driven development of the healthcare services based on the science of design in general and service design in particular. A three-year project, Experio Lab, Region Västernorrland (2018-2020), has been initiated and operates within the area of Research, Education and Innovation (FUI in Swedish) with Jonas Appelberg, FUI Director, as project owner, and with a steering group consisting of representatives from the Specialist Care Unit, the Primary Care Unit and Mid Sweden University (Industrial Design). The mission of the project to contribute to learning is, above all, drawn from the core activities, in which we strive to carry out tasks/projects primarily together with the specialist care and primary care services.


Jonas Boström

Project Manager

+4670-190 97 83

Kristina Jeppson

Service Designer

Cindy Trilsbeek

Service Designer

Tamara Abarzúa Valencia

Service Designer

Linda Johansson Bäck

Head of Unit/Project Owner