Region Stockholm

The service design group of SLL Innovation is a part of Experio Lab Sweden and supports healthcare services in Stockholm looking to carry out a development project using service design. This could involve improving or developing innovative new services, processes, work procedures or products within their operations. We have reliable methods and tools for developing healthcare with the help of design, based on patients’, family members’ and staff’s experiences of the healthcare system. At the moment, there are several exciting design projects happening at the Emergency Department of Södersjukhuset, the Orthopaedic Department 35E and at Karolinska University Hospital. We also hold workshops and training sessions and offer support to those who seek external funding from, for example, Innovationsfonden or Vinnova.


Elin Hedbrandh

Elin Hedbrandh

Innovation Management and Service Design

Maria Stockhaus

Pomme van Hoof